An Interdenominational Equipping and Training Center

                 Akron New Location: 2260 Myersville Rd   Akron , Ohio 44312

             Saturday Night Candlelight Service December 22 at 6:30PM

           No Service on Sunday Night Christmas Eve on December 24

                 SERVICE SCHEDULE:    Sunday Nights 6:30PM   



We Desire as a Congregation to Be:

 A Place of His Presence in Spirit led Worship

  A Place of  Participation by His Body in Word

  A Place of His Power in Wonders

   A Place of Prayer  in Strategic Warfare  

  A Place of the Prophetic Proclamation in Witness

  A Place of Preparation  in His Works.


                            OUR MISSION WILL HAVE A FOUR FOLD FOCUS

Upward         Growth in Relationship to God                         Exalt                                                

Inward          Growth in Relationship to One Another        Edify                       

Outward       Growth in Reaching the World for Christ     Evangelize              

Forward       Growth in Number and Multiplication          Expand                  

To schedule a meeting at your location please feel free to contact me at 330-690-3854


Pastor Jack Irvin Sr and Patty

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5 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Rick Warren says:

    Hello Jack & Patty, this is your brother & sister in The Lord Rick & Cindy your Michigan connection. I have been following your web and so excited that The Lord is moving through you to find his lost sheep. They are few amongst the mass and he needs our help to lead them to him. May The Lord bless you in all the corners you and rocks you turn to see . Love from the two of else. Lord be with you

  2. karen says:

    I have been reading up on your church and was trying to find what type of church this is as in Baptist, Pentecostal etc. If someone could please enlighten to this question it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a good day.

    • Glory says:

      Sorry for the delay. We are a Charismatic Interdenominational Church which believes the Bible. Come visit us when you get a chance.
      We love to worship, witness, pray, walk in His Power just like the early church. We do not like tags as we belong to Jesus and are a small part of his body.
      Pastor Jack

  3. Steve Rossa says:

    I would like to take Pastor Jack to lunch. I am in Akron quite often.

    Steve Rossa

  4. Thomas Quigley says:

    Hi Pastor Jack and Patty, The Lord led me to your website tonight and in that process showed me that you The River is now in a new location and that The River now has an additional Sunday evening service! Awesome! I will be attending this Sunday and have told a friend who may be attending as well. God Bless and see you both Sunday!

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